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After a wet start yesterday, the children woke up to a dry day this morning. Here some of them are taking part in a Zumba workout before going for their morning run.

Camp 2015


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At KKPS we want to work with our community to provide the children with the best learning opportunities possible. To help us with this aim,  we are undertaking our regular community consultation process. On Monday the 31st August you will receive a copy of our survey. The survey will be sent out in hard copy and via email to all those families for whom we have a current email address. The survey covers a wide range of initiatives we are considering at the school as well as allowing space for you to tell us about any new ideas or suggestions you may have. A digital copy of the survey is attached to this post as well as two documents that we would welcome your feedback on: our statement on the delivery of our Health Curriculum and our sensitive expenditure policy. The deadline for returning the surveys is Friday 11th September, they should be returned to the school office please.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and your children.

Nga mihi nui

Andrea Nicholson


Community Consultation 2015 May 18

Sensitive Expenditure Policy for web site

Delivery of the Health Curriculum at KKPS 2015

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Parent / Teacher Interviews:  We are holding these on Wednesday 19th August from 3—6 pm and Thursday 20th August from 3—5 pm for ten minute blocks. To book your time go to and the code is 2QQL7. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the school office and we can make the booking for you.

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Some of our senior school students have been practising their creative writing by writing scary stories. Have a read about Alex’s Haunted House.

Silently the door creaked open! I got goose bumps so I nervously peeked through the crack. All I could see was pitch blackness. The moment I looked back I got a feeling that I had to go back in.

I stepped one foot inside with shivers. Then just while I was inside, the door shut. The bright shine of the moon gave me some light but just then I felt like I was being watched. Then the lamps stuck to the walls lit up with fire. It was smelly like cheese, and cracks and mould were everywhere.

It was weird that the house had hallways but not only that I could hear a little girl screaming. I could see a slightly opened room. I peeked through and there was nothing there. So I turned around and there it was a long, black haired and white sheeted ghost!!!

I had to do what I had to do – run!!! I gripped the handle and I figured out that I was trapped. So I jumped out the broken window and had nightmares ever since, how will I get rid of this nightmare?

Alex Room 19

Year 5

This event has been postponed until Tuesday.

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Fun At Camp

Our Year 4 to 6 students had a great time when they went camping at Dickies Flat. The weather was fabulous! While they were there the children: set up their own tents; went swimming in the river; completed a range of problem solving activities and took a walk through the glow worm caves. In the evening the children cooked their own dinner around the camp fire. Some of the children were thoroughly spoilt when their camp parents supplied them with steak and crayfish! The children enjoyed a good old fashioned sing along before going to bed. We had a fabulous turnout of parents to make the camp a success – thank you to everyone who was able to come.

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4th March

The competitive Senior School Swimming Sports will be going ahead at the Dave Hume Pool this morning. As the weather is so damp we will only be taking the competitive swimmers, our other senior students will stay at school.

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Welcome back to 2015, I hope that you enjoyed the holidays with your children. Special greetings to all of the new families who have joined us at the beginning of this term, we hope you feel very welcome at our school. If you have time and would like to get actively involved at the school, our friendly Parents of The School (POTs group) would be pleased to hear from you – contact details can be found on the back of this newsletter – or contact our junior school Deputy Principal Mrs. Anne Morriss if you would like to be part of our volunteer reading programme.

We like to keep in regular communication with our whanau and families. Our newsletter will come home once a fortnight with your child or can be viewed on our website. We also have a Facebook Page to keep you up to date with what’s on at the school and you can download our Calendar App by searching for the Parent Teacher Calendar. Feel free to pop in before or after school if you want to touch base with your child’s teacher. You will also find a list of staff email addresses on our school website. We look forward to working with you and your child

Ngā mihi

Andrea Nicholson, Principal

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Welcome back to 2015. I hope you enjoyed the Summer with your children.

Dates to remember for the start of Term 1

Office opens for new enrolments: Monday 2nd February and Tuesday 3rd February 8.00am until 4pm.

Stationery Sales: Monday 2nd February and Tuesday 3rd February 9.00am until 2pm in Room 6.

Term 1 begins:   Wednesday 4th February

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Junior athletics have been postponed until Friday.